“As a company, we try to provide and deliver the message of responsible production. Now more than ever, we are looking carefully at the best way of doing things in each area of our business, from supply chain and materials to our team and charitable endeavors. In our journey, we thrive on being elegant, excellent yet fair, and conscious.

                                                                        - Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu

Handemade, Conscious Design, Fair Trade, Vegan, and No single use plastic icons

You are concerned about the use and throw away the nature of fashion. You love beautiful and timeless designs. You are stylish and environmentally conscious because you care for a better life for all. And you believe that fairness is never out of fashion.

Chouchette bags and devrim studio goods are designed and illustrated by artists, hand-printed by artisans, sewn by women. We have a holistic approach to sustainability. We strive to create high-quality and cruelty-free accessories with ethical practices ranging from handmade artisanship, locality, and durability. Fortunately, you are choosing to support slow fashion, long-lasting bags, and the use of natural materials. You are also saying no to cheap labor, excess waste, and poor quality. We are making bags for women/men who are conscious about how they shop and the effect it has on the world.

We will ship all orders in eco-friendly kraft paper bags and kraft mailers. We are working on eliminating bubble padded envelopes. Please re-use or recycle your packaging from Chouchette and devrim studio to help reduce waste.

Thank you for having an exquisite taste and for supporting artists, artisans, women, and slow & fair production. Thank you for supporting a small business. We hope our goods bring you joy and add value to your life because each handmade, limited edition good turns heads & tells a story.

Join our revolution to lessen the environmental impact that mass production has on Mother Earth.