Devrim Studio (Devrim is Turkish for “Revolution”) is a Turkish and Italian based brand committed to bringing high-quality, contemporary goods handmade by artists and artisans in limited editions. It was founded by Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu in 2013 as Chouchette, and evolved into Devrim Studio in 2020.

Gabriela Vainsencher was born in Buenos Aires, raised in Tel Aviv, and currently lives in Brooklyn. She received her MFA from Hunter College in 2016. Her work is exhibited in many Museums and Galleries in the USA and Tel Aviv.

Cristobal Dam was raised in Alaska and Spain. He moved to New York City in his teens, where he grew into a painter, curator, and community organizer. His work has been exhibited in Europe and The USA.

Devrim Kadirbeyoğlu was born in Istanbul. She lived in Boston where she received her MFA from Mass College of Art and worked professionally in New York for five years. She currently lives in Rome, Italy.


Mr. Ahmet, the portrait of the woodblock artisan. Mr. Omer, the portrait of the woodblock artisan.
Ahmet Usta learned the woodblock printing technique from his father, who also learned from his father. He has a new studio and works only on his craft. He lives in central Turkey in a small town called Tokat with his wife and two children.
Ömer Usta learned the craft of woodworking from his father. He taught himself to carve wood, and Mr. Ömer has been working closely with Mr. Ahmet for many years. He lives and works in Tokat, Turkey.
 Hakkı Usta is working on our wooden logos in his studio in Istanbul, Turkey. Kader Kismet is a non profit organization helping immigrants in Turkey.
Hakki Usta creates our wooden logos for Chouchette. He lives and works in Istanbul, Turkey. Kader Kismet helps immigrants in Istanbul. They do woodblock prints and sewing.
 Elif Ozudogru, the portrait of the designer. 

Yetkin Basarir, the portrait of the designer.

Elif Özüdoğru is a multi-disciplinary designer and artist. She has worked for the best graphic design companies in Istanbul. Elif helps with everything graphics, and we always consider her opinion on everything design.
Yetkin Başarır is a multi-disciplinary designer and musician living in Istanbul. He designed the visual identity of numerous renowned corporations, public offices, and events in Turkey, including our logo for Chouchette.
Turgan Savas, the portrait of the photographer. Volga Yildiz, the portrait of the photographer.
Turgan Savaş  is a multi-disciplinary person and our photographer. He is the coolest geek on earth and a real Mr. Gadget. Volga Yıldız is a multi-disciplinary artist and takes the best photos for us. He is training to be a healer these days.
Ender Küçükerdem, the portrait of the web developer. Fusun Celiker, portrait of my mother.
Ender Küçükerdem is a multi disciplinary designer, web developer and engineer. He runs a family business specializing in Mecatronics. Füsun Çeliker is my mother, my mentor and my right arm. She helps me run my business. I would not have been able to continue if she didn't assist while I live in Italy.