Devrim Studio is a fair-trade design & art label. Our mission is to foster collaboration between contemporary artists & traditional artisans to produce handmade, cruelty-free accessories and personalized gifts for you and your loved ones. We believe that good design should be creative, functional & eco-friendly.

Devrim Studio is based on a commitment to social and environmental values. We have a holistic approach to sustainability. At the heart of our collections is the consideration of ethical & local production and the use of beautiful materials. 
We are best known for woodblock-printed accessories featuring talented contemporary artists' illustrations & playful color combinations. 

Devrim Studio helps maintain economic stability for artists and helps keep the ancient crafts alive.

Our newest venture at Devrim Studio is creating personalized dolls and objects to create long-lasting memories and keepsake gifts.

Every piece is unique or a limited edition to give the conscientious buyer something unique in the word's true sense.

Thank you for supporting a small, family-run, and women-owned business.


The craftsmen are the true heroes of the Devrim Studio story. We work with workshops in Istanbul and Tokat in Turkey to create our bags using traditional techniques and natural materials.

Woodblock printed bags are being dried in one of the ateliers where Chouchette bags are printed in Turkey.

We work closely with our partners to source the best materials and many of our canvases and all of our wooden blocks are made especially for us. Whether we’re looking for a luxurious exotic or an elegant look, we rigorously test each material to make sure the color and finish are exactly right. 
Side and top view of our woodblock Stuck to the Floor that was created exclusively for Chouchette
We work with our artisans to develop innovative printing techniques each season. Whether it’s the process woodblock carving, or our hand-woven straps, we’re always using emerging technology to push the boundaries of what’s possible.

Woodblock artisan printing the illustration Stuck to the Floor in her atelier.
We believe your bag should be as beautiful as a precious piece of art and use many of the same techniques to create our designs.

Woodblock printed canvas bags are being dried in our atelier in Tokat, Turkey.
This is a view from our studio in Istanbul where we create our artistic goods.

A view from Chouchette and devrim studio office in Istanbul.